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Integrate our generative AI APIs and transform text into captivating visuals,
prompts into impressive music, and perform seamless face swaps!

Ignite your generative AI capabilities

Midjourney API (unofficial)

Dive into the next-gen image generative paradigm with Midjourney API!

Easily integrated into your development process, allowing your users to easily create creative visual content faster using our unofficial Midjourney API.

An image of a landscape with tall mountains. River water flowing in, calm and breezy wind blowing into the forest with a bright sunset sky generated by Midjourney API
A landscape with tall mountains. River water flowing in, calm and breezy wind blowing into the forest with a bright sunset sky

Dream Machine API (unofficial)

Seamlessly Generate Videos from Text/Image input with Dream Machine API!

Enhance your applications with the ability to generate dynamic videos from simple text or image inputs, allowing your users to create video contents easily using Dream Machine API

A video of a futuristic ship generated by PiAPI's Dream Machine API
A futuristic fighter jet with a sleek yet tough armor soaring through the clouds, with a scene of an alien pilot in a futuristic suit, expressing a cautious face

Suno API (unofficial)

Embrace the Future of Music with Suno API

Generate astounding music from any textual prompt. Our unofficial Suno API propels your applications into a future with limitless creative possibilities.

    payload = json.dumps({
      "custom_mode": False,
      "input": {
      "prompt": "a song about spending a hot summer day onthe beach and drinking champagne",
      #your simple prompt
      "make_instrumental": False
    headers = {
      'X-API-Key': 'YOUR_API_KEY',
      'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)

Faceswap API

Bridge the gap between reality and unique visuals with our FaceSwap API

Our FaceSwap API allows seamless integration of face-swapping functionalities — offering unlimited possibilities for photo editing, augmented reality applications, gaming and more.

An illustration of Leonardo Dicaprio's face swapped with Justin Bieber's face

Our Generative AI APIs


Transform texts into captivating visuals with our unofficial Midjourney API.


Convert texts into stunning music with our unofficial Suno API.


Easily swap faces from one image onto another.

Designed for developers

Our API is compatible with all technology stacks, offers fast setup up process, and requires no prior AI experience!
Check out our documentations, and start integrating our state-of-the-art APIs
into your application in just a few clicks!

2  import requests
4  endpoint = 'YOUR_ENDPOINT_URL'
5  headers = {
6      'X-API-Key': 'YOUR_API_KEY',
7  }
9  data = {
10      "prompt": "a cute cat",
11      "aspect_ratio": "4:3",
12      "process_mode": "fast",
13      "webhook_endpoint": "",
14      "webhook_secret": ""
15  }
17  response = requests.post(endpoint, headers=headers, json=data)
19  print(response.status_code)
20  print(response.json())
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"With our cost-effective price offering, you can improve your load-response at your own pace with flexible payment options. Our enterprise-level API is geared to scale according to your growth trajectory.",

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We provide developers with API access to generative AI models including Midjourney (unofficial), Suno (unofficial), and FaceSwap API, helping to develop scalable and innovative applications!

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